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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Has this ever happened to you?

Thursday morning I was up bright and early and I was reaching for my toothbrush when all of a sudden I heard a crunching sound.

A crunching sound that was my neck. It's killing me. Heating pad, cold compress, Advil, all that amounts to is me not getting any sleep.

I hate not being able to find a comfy position to fall asleep. Of course, the last two nights The Man has sleep like a log. Brutal.

Insult to injury, I can't think when I'm in pain. Hopefully tomorrow will dawn and I'll be feeling better.

Monday I'm checking to see if my new medical insurance covers chiropractic visits.

Note: I'm typing this post on blogger mobile, I like that it corrects my typos as I am typing.

On the lighter side here is the street right by a local golf course. Snicker, snort, 8th grade boy humor-- but I has to share!

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