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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


When the fall was here, Patrick went to the nurse's office during Gym because he broke out in hives.  I figured it was a laundry detergent reaction. Then it happened a couple more times, and both times he went inside (because Gym was outdoors) and down to the nurse and was better in about 40 minutes. Time passed, Patrick complained the he didn't like walking to school because he got super itchy and when he got to school kids would make fun of him because of his face being red.  Tom lost his job, and needed stuff to do, so he began taking  Patrick to and from school.

Then we went to Georgia over the holidays. While we were there, we went on a family hike.  Patrick didn't want to go, but we told him he had to go with us.  So he did, and it was about 48-52 degrees. This time I got to see the hives first hand.  He wasn't exaggerating at all.  He had hives on his face. We had some Benedryl in the car and gave him that to help quell the itching. I didn't 'make' him go outside too much for the remainder of the trip.  Some going outside and playing, but I didn't tell him he'had' to go outside.

This past weekend, I thought to google 'hives in children from cold' and guess what?  It's a real condition--and serious. Here is a link to the info on cold hives:  I'd link to the Wiki page, but Wikipedia is dark today!

Tommorow Patrick has a doctor's appointment, to make sure I am right, but I know I am.  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  Allergic to cold.  Hopefully he will grow out of it, as that is a possibility.

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