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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Giving a Dream a Deadline--That makes it a Goall

Do you do resolutions?  I like the blank slate of possibilities that a New Year brings.  I have found that resolutions dont' seem to work very well for me.  For me, I like a Vision Board to show what I want more of in the coming year.  Now writing that reminds me that I don't have a Vision Board.

Note to Self: Do a Vision Board. 

What is a Vision Board?  Well it can be anything you want that is a visual representation of your goals.  For me it is a 12x12 collage with labels showing what I want to focus on in the coming year.  It encompasses Family, Business and Personal Goals.

This year I've got a big big goal to reach with my business.  The goal is a promotion to Team Mentor.  I've been 'trying' to reach that goal for several years..without success--and that I believe is because it's been a goal w/o a focus. So this is the year!  My team and I are moving up!  We will have fun and much success.  I mean really, when you sell great food, everyone is always happy to see you.

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