One Beer Bread at a Time.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Still looing for 8 days a week.

Yes wouldn't that be nice?  work 5 off 3 still have 52 wks in the year, we'd all be younger.  Heck it could probably save Social Security, b/cause it would be longer b/4 we hit our 60s, 40s would be the new 60s LOL.

This month has been major time juggling, and I am still waayyy off.  I know this will come as no suprise but working out of the house really takes up a lot of time. LOL.  And the house doesn't clean itself, much to my dismay neither does the laundry.  So really I think I need a wife.

This week I started my getting up early and running plan only to be twarted by Tom's work on day 2 of my getting up early and running.  I decided that the best thing to do was to get up and run anyway.  So I got up at 530 and ran 3 miles instead of getting up at 530 and running the nice 6 to 8 miles I planned on running. 

Basically this week I discovered I have to get up before the dawn, which I am not a fan of, in order to get anything done.  This is why women are tired and cranky and have to invest in lots of undereye coverup!

K gotta run off to work now!

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