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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

End of September Already

Went right from work to get Anna from Daisy Scouts then home and then we went over to the Family Night at Bryce school.  It was Book Fair night so the library was crowded with lots of kids looking for books.  And a few parents.  I picked up Ruined: A Novel.  It takes place in New Orleans and I love reading stories set in New Orleans. 

Im going to say that I think in general, reading is better than doing dishes.  So that is why my sink is full of dishes right now.  It's a statement not sloth. :-D 

It's been really bad allergy weather for me the last few days, but today I 'gutted it out' and didn't take a Zyrtec, it helps with the symptoms but man does it make me spacey.  I really should get around to going to an allergist one of these days, right. 

Anyway, here is my thought for the day.  $100 bucks is the new $20. 

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