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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Deals and the straw that broke the camel's back.

First the deal:

80% off Certificates
Posted on February 09 at 08:42 PST takes 80% off all their dining certificates via code HEART. This means that $10 certificates, which normally sell on for $4 are now just $0.80 and $25 certificates, normally $10 are just $2. This is a great way to save at your favorite restaurant. Obviously, not all restaurants participate, but there is definitely a good selection to choose from. Just be careful to read the fine print as many restaurants exclude alcoholic beverages, weekends and other things.

Enter code: HEART (80% off)


Okay that is it, I am officially not going to Jewel anymore. As you know a couple weeks ago I complained about how they said I couldn't use my $1.00 off coupon for Orville Redenbacher popcorn and they said I couldn't use it because they had a store deal and I couldn't have a store deal and use a coupon. Well this week I had a couple coupons for items that they also had in store coupons for, and I used both, to see if it would work, and it did. So I should have been able to use the $1 Popcorn coupon, just like I thought!

But that's not why I am going to make sure to head over to Fairplay & Aldi for all my grocery shopping from now on. Here is the straw that broke the camel's back. Oreo Cookies had a special where if you became their friend on Facebook you could be one of 150,000 people to get in the mail a coupon for a free package of Double Stuffed Golden Oreos. Yum. I like the golden ones better than the regular. And yes I was one of the lucky 150,000 people and I rec'd a coupon in the mail last week for free Oreos. Now this paper has a coupon at the bottom and up at the top you can see the Oreo mailing address (return address) and my mail to address and the back of the paper says verified and is printed all over the back, much like a check might be printed on the back to avoid counterfeiting.

I took my coupon and tried to use it to purchase 1 package of Double Stuffed Golden Oreos this afternoon. The price was $3.99 (overpriced if you ask me.) and the coupon said good for free package up to $4.19 so I was in the limit. The cashier said I couldn't use my coupon because it was an Interent coupon.
I said. It's not an internet coupon, I rec'd it in the mail from Oreo.

So she went to the manager on duty and the mgr said, We don't take Internet coupons.

I said this isnt an internet coupon, Oreo mailed it to me, and I used coupons I printed from a couple of weeks ago.

She said, we take internet coupons for cents off, but not for free items or anything over $5.00.

I said. I.Didn't.Print.This.Coupon.I.rec'

She said, we won't take it.

I said, if that is your policy maybe you should post it somewhere so people would know about it.

I said to the cashier, I don't want the cookies then take them off my order.

And that is the story of my last trip to Jewel. Fairplay here I come. You would think that because Jewel charges hirer prices for their food than other grocery stores that they would have great flexible coupon programs. No.

Okay I am done complaining. I am off to write a complaint letter to Jewel.

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