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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope you had a fun day.

Over here we had plans for 'family fun day' where our big event was going to be eating a late lunch at the new Red Robin that is in Orland Park. You see the kids have seen ads for Red Robin restaurants on cable for the past 2 years, but there hasn't been one anywhere near us..until a few months ago. So the kids have been looking forward to family fun day for a while now.

Alas, it was not be. Last night Patrick woke up around midnight an threw up all over himself, his bed, the floor in his room, the floor in the kitchen, and in the bathroom..then he crawled in bed with us and fell asleep. Which Tom competely slept thru and I got to throw in a couple loads of laundry,clean up and mop up.

Poor Patrick has spent all day laying around on the couch feverish and barely even drinking some 7up. He is so sick I don't think he realizes that he is sick on a 3 day weekend! Oh that is just the worst for a kid! He's been working hard and studying for the big ISAT tests and now he has a 3 day weekend break and he is sick as can be!


My hope right now is that the sickness will pass quickly and that it will stop w/Patrick...leaving Bryce and Anna and ESP. Tom illness free--cause we all know who the big baby when he is sick is...

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