One Beer Bread at a Time.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Benefits of working for myself

Well cleaning up after first Patrick and then Anna seems to have landed me a trip down Virus Lane.

Just like you, I do not like being sick. So today I am trying really hard to look at the brightside of being sick.

Number 1. I'll lose weight. That's always a bonus!
Number 2. It's an excuse to not put laundry away.
Number 3. I don't have to call off work because I work at home and I have no boss.
Number 4. I sell food, so I don't have to worry about any work crisis occuring while I am taking a nap--there isn't ever really a 'Beer Bread Emergency'
Number 5. It's cold outside, better to be sick today than in June.

Well that is all I've got. I think now I'll take a nap and later hmm..oh yea, Im always forgetting about the Chai Tea. since I sell Oh My! Chai and chai tea has ginger in it, and ginger is good for calming stomach icky-ness ...I probably should have skipped the coffee this AM and had Chai. I'll have a cup of that after the boys get home and want me to help them w/their homework.

Oh I have a Number 6.
Number 6. The kids were only sick for a couple days, so hopefully I'll be better ASAP and
Number 7. I don't have to leave the house to do a party until Sat.

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