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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

November 6th

Now did anyone ask me if the kids could have a 4 day wknd this week...and 5 days off in a couple of weeks?

Alright the 5 days off is great because that is Thanksgiving and we'll be heading to West Virginia...but a 4 day wknd this week? And it's cold outside, so hmm what to do w/the kids. Maybe I can put them to work scrubbing the floors and the baseboards? Hahaha!

I hope the weather is not unseasonably cold, I would like to see if I can take the kids out to run around Lake Katherine a few times--or to the park...I would be fun to make cookies or cupcakes--but I'll end up eating the majority of them!

And Speaking of Food, let me be th first to wish you a Happy National Fondue Month!

Whoa, who knew there are 2 websites devoted to fondue! and

Cheese Fondue

ingredients list:
8 oz of shredded chedder cheese.
8 oz shredded emmental chesse.
1 garlic clove.--one teaspoon Garlic Garlic
1 can of beer.
2 tablespoons of flour.
1 teaspoon of Salt.
Pinch of pepper.
French bread, diced into cubes.
Instructions for Cheese Fondue:
Mix together all of the ingredients (except bread).Melt the mixture and place into a fondue pot.Dip the cubes of bread into the melted mixture and eat.

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