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Friday, November 9, 2007

The boredom sets in.

Oh for pete's sake, the boys are so 'bored' today all they are doing is bickering and fighting. Too bad, I can't say go outside and play and come back at dinner time. I should probably take them out to a park or the local high school to run around the track...but yesterday I wound up getting to have a suprise root canal--lucky me!--and I don't feel much like going to the park.

Last night I made a turkey breast so today I took the leftovers and tried out this recipe:

Turkey Pot Pie

1 Box of Creamy Wild Rice Soup
1 pkg of frozen mixed veggies (thaw)
3-6 tblsp butter
2 cups chopped turkey
1 can of beer
1 Bountiful Beer Bread Mix

Follow directions on the box to make the Creamy Wild Rice Soup. Simmer for 45 minutes and then add the package of veggies and the chopped chicken and mix together. Then spread the mixure into a 9x13 pan. Then mix the can of beer w/the Bountiful Beer Bread Mix and spread the bread batter on top, drizzle w/butter if desired and bake at 375 for just about 40 minutes.

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Yesterday was the Parent/Teacher conference for me and Patrick's teacher. She said he is doing very well and that he is up to the reading level of 1.5 (which is 1/2 way thru first grade). He is almost ready to move up to the next reading group---so I have high hopes that he'll be up to grade level by the end of the year. (fingers crossed) Beyond that he is doing well in school because his classroom is 9 kids which means each child gets all the attention they need and problems are found quickly. It is too bad that througout the school system kids and teachers don't enjoy the benefits of smaller classrooms. I know 9 kids in a room isn't feasible --but it should definitely be less than 20. So that was wonderful right there to hear Patrick is doing well and that everyone in his class gets along, since last year Patrick suffered due to a rotten bully.
Bryce didn't have a conference because he is doing so fabulous at school.
Anna's conference is on the 15, I am not sure exactly what they'll have to say about Anna--I am guessing it will be all good--she loves school and what's not to like...they play, sing songs, read books and have a snack!

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