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Monday, October 1, 2007

A busy weekend to end September.

Wasn't the weather wonderful this weekend. Tom sure thought so as he went golfing on Saturday AND Sunday. When I wasn't cleaning the house...I spent time out at the Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Fall Festival and then Saturday night was a girls night out Me, Maureen and Kat showed Kat's sister from Florida a bit of the city at night. We went to the House of Blues and had some yummy food and saw Steve Dahl and The nadas.


Then we thought about going out afterward at about 1am for some nightlife, but we decided we were too cheap to pay a big cover to go to a club! Did you know covers these days are about $20? Yes I am old and remember the good old days $5.00 cover.

Thats me up there w/Kat and Mike from the band. Fun night!

Sunday I had a Tastefully Simple party in Chicago, that was a nice time. Now today it's October and this month I am just crazy busy! But in a good way, lots and lots of people need some Tastefully Simple and I'll be helping them get what they need. I was excited to see that on our webpage we have a link called Slow Cooker Sensations!

And our founder and CEO Jill Blashack will be on The Big Idea w/Donny Deutsch (sp?) on Wed night, I believe it will be her first time on a National TV show, very exciting!

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Kat said...

Fun fun fun night! When is our next girls night out?