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Saturday, September 3, 2011

So what is everyone up to this fine day?

Right, I know if you are in Chicagoland, it did rain, and now it's dark so maybe not so much a fine day.  On the other hand, it's Saturday and many people had the day off.

Around here, we have Anna's friend spending the night and the boys had to spend an agonizing amount of time today w/o media.  I know right?  The horror, I made them read and go outside.  I am terrible. 
Hubs spent the early part of the day golfing and then he went up to the hospital to see his dad for several hours.  Now he is on the phone with his mom.  He is now officially part of that tween generation. What's that you say?  Tween Generation?  That is when you have kiddos at home and you are also dealing with parents as well as working full time. Woe is me, how can I whine about the man when he is working hard to help out his parents.  It's not fair I tell you!

Okay enough with that sad tale. Since I am on a vacation, a self declared vacation, Tom picked up some Wendy's value menu food items for the kiddos and our sleepover guest and we are trying some chinese food tonight.  Something spicy.  Hopefully it is yummy. Today I had Artichoke & Spinach Dip , from Tastefully Simple, with Pretzel Crisps for lunch.  Two thumbs up on that lunch.  I would have had some watermelon, however all our watermelon was gone due to the kiddos! 

So along with the whole "I had to walk 2 miles to school" thing, recently Patrick was  giving me grief about tiny white seeds in watermelon and how that clearly showed that 'seedless' watermelons were not truly seedless.  I shook my head, he has no idea about what a true watermelon eating experience is at all! '

Now the kids are settling down and soon I will tell them to go to bed.  I know the boys are ready for sleep, they were up at the crack of dawn today, but I imagine it is too early to get Anna and her friend to settle in for the night.  Tomorrow I have no specific plans for the day time --wooo hooo!! The man is going to go golf and hopefully he will make it home in time that we will perhaps be able to go to the Naperville Last Fling!

Still waiting on my Chinese Food!

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