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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's been ages!

Oh I had the flu for the first time since 1999. just now back to 98%... How miserable it was. I couldn't smell or taste for 5 days--you just don't realize how sad life is when you can't smell or taste until it happens. And that was after about 5 days of barely being able to get out of bed!

Exciting news for Mr. Bryce, he lost his first tooth yesterday, and then I forgot to put a dollar from the tooth fairy. then I grabbed an envelope and drew a tooth on it and put it on his dresser, told him that must have been left by the tooth fairy, he opens it..and the darn envelope was empty.. Oy. I forgot to put the dollar in the envelope after I decorated it! Ekkk. So I realized the dollar was on our bed by Anna, and told bryce the toothfairy must have made a mistake.

Bryce said the tooth fairy must have forgot to wear his glasses and got all confused. I said yep that must be it!
We have such a delicious line of new products for this spring/summer I can't wait for my party on 3/1--I finally get to share all the goodies!!!

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