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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

St Nicholas Day

I had already written this blog today and then I walked away from the computer and it didn't save and now I am rewriting. What was I saying....

Lifetime (the network for Women) is running wall-to-wall holiday movies. Which I have actually been enjoying. They all have happy endings and usually a bit of magic and life is short and the way I see it it it's a nice escape.

Anywho, tomorrow is St. Nicholas Day so tonight the kids will put out there shoe and go to sleep early and wake up to a small gift. So that will be fun for them, and help me to keep the complaining about going to bed to a minimum.

Tonight we are having a Veggie Chili, I found the recipe in the Chicago Tribune today:,1,4342944.story?ctrack=2&cset=true

It's called 5 bean veggie chili, I was going to cut and paste the recipe but it's a 2 pager and I've got to run!

Exciting news, I found my christmas card list! Okay I only have about 20 addresses on my list, but it's something!

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