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Monday, January 17, 2011

Third Monday in January.

Turns out the 3rd Monday in January is also know as the most depressing day of the year.  Shocked? 

Ya me neither.

I had the day off work, so I spent the day cooking and cleaning.  In retrospect, I should have skipped the cleaning and watched Love Actually.  Since watching the Golden Globes last night and seeing Colin Firth win for The King's Speech, Im in the mood for a Colin Firth movie marathon and why not kick it off with Love Actually.  Not only does it feature Colin Firth but also Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant AND Professor Snape. Yes I know, it's very strange that I harbor a crush on Professor Snape.  But there it is.

And then were do we go from Love Actually ?  Pride & Prejudice.  Of course. Probably best to watch that a couple times---and then watch the 2005 version with *sigh* Matthew MacFayden.  Now that would have been a proper way to spend my day off.

On the food side:
For dinner I had salad topped with shredded chicken cooked in the slow cooker yesterday.  I took the chicken breasts and poured Corn & Black Bean Salsa over it and cook it on low all day & then shred the chicken.  Then it is good in enchiladas, tacos or on salad.  So Chicken Slow Cooked with Corn & Black Bean Salsa (from Tastefully Simple, natch.) on top of salad and then I topped it with light ranch dressing mixed with our Pomegrante Chipotle Sauce. You can't beat the smokey chipotle mixed with cook ranch.

Now in the Slow Cooker is a Spicy Seafood Stew. It's my first try on seafood stew, so I'll have to try it and then let you know if it is worth giving it a go!

Know anyone who needs Girl Scout Cookies?  Yes Anna is on a  mission to sell 125. I think she is 1/2 way there....
I've got this Spicy Seafood Stew going in the crockpot, let's see how that turns out

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